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Vice President’s Message

Sherrie Koenigseder

I would first like to take a moment to thank the members who have put their trust in me as a director for our association. I promise to work hard to do what is best for our neighborhood. My motivation for running for the BOD was to improve the “sense of community” in HBTS. I have lived in HBTS for over 12 years, and I love our community, but I have noticed two things—many members have a negative view of our HOA and member participation is extremely low. I want to improve this! I recently sent my fellow board members some key points that I think will make an improvement in our neighborhood. As a board, we are committed to improving our community by focusing on the aspects that make us a neighborhood, not just an HOA.
The most important point that we will be focusing on is effective communication. I am going to leave this point to our President, Tom Beckman, to discuss and only add that communication with members is a major focus for me as a BOD. I have shared my thoughts with Tom and our fellow board members, and I believe we are in alignment that it is time for change to improve our communication. I only ask that you be patient as this will take some time to truly make a positive change. You can immediately help us with this task by updating your contact information with the recreation center, adding your email address to our E-blast list, and by completing an opt-in form for online voting.
However, improving our sense of community will take more than effective communication. We want to ensure that members feel like they have a personal investment in our neighborhood, like they belong, and that their opinions are valued. Last but not least, we will be working on ways to improve our community pride. As a new board, we are starting to share ideas with each other to accomplish this goal. Some of our ideas include more frequent social gatherings, contests, community clean up days, the development of a neighborhood logo, and online community bulletin boards for sharing information to allow members to connect and support each other. These are just a few of our ideas, and we welcome your ideas too!
If you would like to help, our community can always use volunteers. We have several committees that always need help. Mike McKinney and I were able to attend the August meeting for the Social Committee, and this group has some great ideas for future social gatherings! I know that they would love more help creating ways for our members to connect with each other.  Please see our list of committees and reach out to one that interests you!

Sherrie Koenigseder