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Vice President’s Message

There are a lot of balls in the air this summer and I, as the new VP North, have grandiose plans for the HOA. In the near future, we will be soliciting input on what are the hot topics you want me to address or follow up on. I won’t lead the witness and give you my priorities. Tell me what’s on your mind. Inputs will be asked for in future email traffic. We are coordinating a very interesting and interactive presentation from state bear experts to discuss the recent close encounters with black bears. Topics to include bear behavior, mitigation, and a general discussion on what Yogi is thinking when he or she is in your yard or in the road. I have been approached by a number of members already and want to assist, and address concerns.
I work with a number of folks at my other job and have learned many lessons from Hurricane Michael. Most think “I have homeowners insurance and I’m good to go for a major hurricane.” Not necessarily true to be honest. Many folks are at 10 months after the storm, and still have not received a dime. I am working with several agencies to have an informative and I’d call a critical brief on lessons learned and best practices to ensure protection. I think every single resident will benefit. I thought I was prepared— not so much in reality.
Finally, looking to schedule a number of yard improvement seminars to give best practices on improving your landscape, therefore increasing property value. I expect to have landscape and yard professionals speak and provide tips. Driving into the driveway after a long day and seeing a nice yard makes it all worthwhile. See you around the neighborhood!!

Mike Hart
VP North