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Vice President North

Good Day-

Lots of balls in the air currently. As you can see, Phase 1 of the building project is moving along nicely. As previously discussed, we/Lauren are/is coordinating a presentation from State wildlife personnel to discuss our Black Bear ‘issues”. Remember, store trash cans and have the bear locks installed. Opportunistic is the best description I have. Additionally, I personally had a flood insurance and Homeowner/Hurricane insurance makeover for no better description. In the near future, I will be conducting a round table on insurance lessons learned and best practices based on hurricane Michael. I send you away with two words to ponder and look up. First phrase, “Law and Ordinance” with respect to insurance policies. This could be a big deal if you have a home build prior to 2004. Second is an insurance “swear word”, assignment of benefits. Previously a medical term only, but now a homeowner policy potential challenge/issue. Finally, if you have any questions on what is considered an acceptable yard, contact ACC and they will be more than happy to discuss. We’ve seen a number of dead or bare yards, and trust me, seeding in the south does not work by itself. In most cases, a combination of sanding, aerating, and de-thatching will get a yard on the path to improvement over a growing season. Best plan is to conduct maintenance, so yard comes out of winter dormancy and benefits from an entire growing season….oh yes, water helps as well. Rack your brains and send any association issues for us/me to address. My scope in North of 98, but I’ll assist on anything if I can.

Mike Hart
VP North

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