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President’s Corner

President Tom Beckman

The little sign at the Coral St. intersection says;
Holley-by-the-Sea a covenant controlled community
It’s that last word; community, that I want to know more about.
The dictionary defines it as (one of many definitions);
‘a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.’
But what are those ‘…common attitudes, interests and goals’? Is it even important to ask the question? Do we even think of ourselves as community or just a collection of a lot of people that all share Edgewood Dr. to get home? I think we are more than just a bedroom community (there’s that word again) for Hurlburt, or a haven for snow birds. I think we do have common interests, common attitudes, we do set goals. But I have no answer as to what it is that might make this place attractive to homeowners? Certainly, our amenities, our southside recreation complex are tangible evidence of shared community stuff. But what about the intangibles? Are we family? Mostly not, but could we act like family? That might be scary for some of us. How does the saying go;
‘You pick your friends, you’re stuck with your family.’
But we are stuck with each other for better or worse, richer or poorer. Enough of the questions. Why did I ask them?
I would hope that once in awhile we think about our community, because we are certainly ‘in it’. There’s no action to take here, just retrospection. But if you have ideas, if you know the answer, then share it with the rest of us, please. I know I want to know what the glue is that holds us all together? And then, as usual for me, please see if you can find the time and energy to give back to your community. We need Board of Director candidates for this coming election cycle. Most everyone of you have what it takes to do that job. Please think about stepping up if you can. If you get one of those positions on the board you would certainly have an opportunity to share your vision of what our community can and should be. Thanks.

-Tom Beckman
President, HBTS HOA