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President’s Corner

Hello Neighbors,

After the organizational meeting the new Board decided a good starting point was to develop goals. Some are concrete and some conceptual but all are focused on improving our community.
1. Execution and completion of the Accessibility Project Phases 1 & 2 while balancing fiscal responsibility. In 2018, 166,000 members/guests used the rec center – over 450 a day. Our community continues to grow and our primary “residence” needed an update to grow with it. With 1,151 HOA lots still vacant and averaging 54 new homes built the last two years adds a possible 135+ new members a year using the facilities.
2. Increasing awareness of long-standing neighborhood concerns with Santa Rosa County officials. Notice this one doesn’t say “fix the swamp.” We want to stay in front of every county official at every opportunity. They are aware of the issues but despite their competing priorities we need to get action plans set.
3. Building a sense of “community” within the neighborhood. How do we build a sense of community in the electronic media age? HBTS has averaged 400+ houses resold over the last 2 years so 12% of our neighbors are new each year. (420/3,561 homes for those checking my math…) What do we focus on when telling others we live in HBTS? Is it overall positive compared to other places? Or do you only emphasize the small town problems we face?
4. Increasing the efficiency and organization of the Association business practices in order to plan for future growth. Focusing on the best use of resources just like any successful organization. We need to do some long term planning for those guaranteed new additional members we will have by 2024…
5. Preserving the value of parcel ownership and maintaining quality of amenities for members. This is and remains the primary duty and responsibility of the Board. When you consider the YMCA costs $768/year for a household, our far greater amenities represent quality and value and we need to preserve them.
So there is our starting point. We are ready for the challenges…
I’ll close by addressing what I see as the most efficient/effective method to resolve an issue or concern. (Hint: It isn’t via Facebook.) Members can:
(1) contact the responsible staff section directly in a respectful manner. Person-to-Person almost always works best…
(2) contact the General Manager in person/phone/e-mail.
(3) ask the GM to have the appropriate Board member contact you.
(4) contact the entire Board via e-mail and ask to speak to a Board member.
(5) attend an open board meeting and use the Open Forum opportunity.
We live in a great family-oriented area with beautiful beaches, great weather and, believe it or not, friendly people. Let’s work to strengthen and maintain the community we desire.