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From the General Manager

GM Report October 2019 BOD Mtg

1. We have applied for permits for a possible well for Sunrise ponds (at this time we will gather info for backup system)

2. Our Annual backflow inspection has been completed

3. The property appraiser was on site for his first visit Oct. 15 to begin the valuation process for his report as required by the statute

4. Smith security has been on site running the retro wire for the low voltage for security system, sound system, cameras and a portion of the fire system

5. We have days blocked off for the fire alarm company this Saturday to perform above roof work in the MPR and Gym – gym will be closed Saturday from 5 p.m. – 9 p.m. MPR closed all day Saturday

6. Sauna is back up and running after a three day shut down – contactor had to be replaced and the relay reset

7. Pool pump replacement for family pool, all major pump components have now been replaced

Damage Report:
1. Men’s shower bench leg broken
2. Men’s soap dispenser and paper towel dispenser pulled off wall
3. Women’s shower handle broken off in wall – plumber need to sweat and fix connection
4. Someone stole the arch candy buckets (purchased by staff)