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From the General Manager

1. The carriage light at Coral has been replaced due to vandalism
2. We installed a palm at Edgewood entrance to balance with the one that was there
3. I will be performing a review of the entrances with Tony for landscape items and clean up on Wednesday
4. The parking lot extension is complete, marked with yellow lines instead of white as white would not have been as visible on the concrete surface
5. Lauren and I performed a review of the trees marked to be removed during the Phase 1 construction project; there are 13 palms, quite a few bushes, a crepe myrtle, a hibiscus and some smaller trees. We has called and found that most landscape or tree removal companies only remove they do not transplant. We did get ahold of Mike’s Garden who typically could remove and transplant but he does not have availability to do so until summer. When comparing the cost he stated he would charge $300 to remove and transplant, however the purchase of a new palm and plant was $260 – we will not be able to save the palms but will have maintenance remove the other trees and smaller plants that can be transplanted, we are working with the Pond Committee on transplant locations
6. Due to the weather there is a delay in the completion of the north basketball fence
7. 399 Boat ramp west privacy fencing is complete, maintenance ran conduit for lights to be installed at the pavilion, we are waiting on the electrician for hook up.
8. The audit is in final stages and set for completion before deadline of May 1st.

Items in work from GM office:
Proposals for Phase 2 construction – I have met with 2 contractors we are working through required docs & specs
n 399 Seawall review
n Campground bathroom renovation request for proposals sent awaiting responses
n Sun sails for south playground area
n Reserve Study & Property Appraisal to be scheduled after phase 1 is complete