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From the General Manager

GM Report June 2019 BOD Mtg
1. The permit for phase 1 is complete, will email out start date once confirmed (anticipating one week)
2. Trenched 399 Boat Ramp – electrical for pavilion and new gate
3. 399 received 2 truckloads of fill dirt for low areas, after these last rains we reviewed and there is still a need for additional but will see if we need to install drainage system
4. Automatic flushers in Recreation Center building bathrooms
5. Additional Ballfield lights installed
6. 7 pool deck loungers are in the shop of replacement fabric, this is the first set in 3 years
7. We will be running an additional camera by the campground bathrooms so we have more coverage in that area
8. The campground restroom renovation will begin this coming Friday
9. We have received 3 updated AED machines they are synced with the emergency service system, this system transmitted their vitals to the ambulance so when they arrive they know what to administer as well as reporting to the hospital so that they are receiving real time medical information. This machine also gives audible commands throughout the process while using for those who may not have the steps memorized.

Damage Report:
Women’s restroom shower bar torn off
Human feces on mens toilet and in womens shower area
Turtle trap found and removed at Sunrise pond
Sprinkler heads driven over and cracked irrigation at Sunrise
Main entrance handicap door opener on order for parts due to members not pushing button instead pulling door

Items in work from GM office:
Women’s locker room renovation
Proposals for Phase 2 construction – I have received one proposal so far cost at $450K
Sent request to Morette anticipate cost savings if able to roll into phase 2
Annual meeting requirements/ New BOD items