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External Vice President’s Message

In the past I’ve discussed how Holley-by-the-Sea is our ‘community’, our home. But as you probably well know, we fit into a wider world of government and business organizations. Key amongst these is Santa Rosa County (SRC). HBTS is part of the unincorporated community of Navarre. Unlike Gulf Breeze (6,195 residents) or Milton (20,612 residents) or Pace (20,039) we do not have a city government to attend to the needs of our community. The HOA Board of Directors, and Tony and his maintenance crew, do not have the kind of equipment or staff that the SRC has at their disposal, for instance. There are many things our Association can, and cannot, do. I want to clarify those ‘dos and don’ts’.
Most of our annual Association budget is used to create, maintain and staff the amenities we enjoy in and around the Recreation Center, the Clubhouse as it’s sometimes called. Very little of your assessment fees are spent ‘up north’ in the community, the significant exceptions being the Ponds at Sunrise and that Beautification Project and the Boat Ramp on 399 north of Edgewood Dr. Everything else, roads, drainage, trash collection, animal control, are all provided by SRC and your annual taxes pay for those services. Of course, Sheriff Bob Johnson is a County elected employee, and he handles all police matters. If you have any concerns about any of these services, you should first contact that office. They can be reached by phone and the County has a fine website.
When it comes to utilities, we have a mixed bag. Power comes from Gulf Power, water and municipal sewage from the Holley-Navarre Water Authority, a not-for-profit corporation. Cable/dish and wifi service comes from numerous service providers who all depend on underground and above ground pole service. You may often see tree trimming trucks in the community pulling vegetation back from power lines. This is a vital hurricane damage mitigation effort needed to prevent loss of power, or timely restoration of power if we’re hit by a hurricane.
We have a busy community, full of service providers, every day. All of them are working to make our lives better.
Last but not least is the Architectural Office at the Clubhouse. Their one mission is to enforce the governing documents, the covenants and bylaws to ensure that we preserve our property value. They, along with the all-volunteer Architectural Control Committee, develop and enforce the building and home improvement guidelines that keep our homes looking beautiful. They develop the rules but, of course, each homeowner has the responsibility for building and maintaining their home and grounds in accordance with those guidelines and rules.
We need to pause this discussion about government and infrastructure or we could go all night.
In closing, please try and call the organization that can handle your concern, when you have a concern. If you don’t know who to call then by all means call the Association General Manager and she and her staff can help with your concern, even if that means sending you to someone else, usually the County.

Here’s a brief collection of phone numbers and websites for service providers;
County Website :
Board of County Commission – 850-983-1877
Public Works/Roads and Bridges – 850-626-0191
Animal Control (SRC) – 850-983-4680
Gulf Power -800-225-8797 or go to website to report outages
Sheriff – 850-983-1100
General Manager (Main Office Phone) – 850-939-1693 xt.1

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