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Internal Vice President’s Column


Rod Danner – Vice President

I hope that this finds you all well in what appears to be a very early spring. Many of the azaleas are already blooming as is the black ti ti and numerous other flowering plants. I think this may be the earliest that I have needed to mow my lawn.
The new fitness equipment has been installed in the center and looks to be a major improvement. An additional seated elliptical has been added and some new recumbent bikes and treadmills. Also we have new, machines for deltoid exercises, quad and hip/glute machines and a much-needed replacement for the calf raise machine. I have not had a chance to use them yet, but I am quite looking forward to it. We are also looking at bids to replace the oldest smith machine. These are major improvements to the fitness center and have quite frankly, been a long time coming.
The lap pool cover building has been completed and the grand opening was held earlier this month. The pool lift for accessibility has been installed and the changing room completed. There is somewhat of a learning curve associated with regulating and maintaining comfortable water temperatures but we are starting to get a handle on it.
The last board meeting included purchase of new outdoor water coolers for the tennis court area and a resurfacing of the basketball courts with an artificial surface that should prove far superior to the current concrete surface or asphalt. The material comes with a lifetime warranty and should improve not only the play, but also the appearance of the courts.
The board has voted to move forward with the process of updating the recreation center by starting the work on the engineering aspects of the project, which will include accessibility, rearrangement of some office spaces, a new accessible entrance and an increase in the size of the fitness center. We think that these efforts will greatly improve the usability of the recreation center and bring about a more modern look.
The board has also awarded a contract to upgrade the breezeway restrooms to make them handicapped accessible, including climate control for the lifeguard shack and the conference room. The work on those projects should begin quite shortly.
Once again, I hope that some of you will consider running for the board of directors. There are three positions that will need to be filled. I can personally say that it is quite rewarding to have the opportunity to serve our community and have a true stake in the direction of the association.

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.” – Abraham Lincoln



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