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President’s Corner

President Tom Beckman

Good day fellow Members.

This is my first chance to discuss issues on my mind as your new board president.
I look forward to the challenges and opportunities we, as a community, have ahead of us in the upcoming year.
But today I’d like to discuss safety. If safety and security are high on our list of priorities, then here at HBTS, we are challenged by some common and not so common issues;
Cars, trucks and roads.
Driving may be the most dangerous thing we do in our lives. And living in a community with so many families makes walking and riding a bike on the roads very hazardous. The best thing we can do when driving is to obey all posted speed limits and warning signs. The BOD voted this past month to place a sign at the entrance to the Rec. Center parking lot to remind us all to drive safely around our families.
We should be particularly careful about driving in and around our schools and school buses.
Our high traffic streets, the ones that flow north and south may require our patience with other drivers as we all enter and exit these high-volume corridors.
We have no sidewalks and only one bike lane (on Sunrise), so sharing the road with our fellow members on bikes and walking is a must.
Also true for our community, is the presence of contractor vehicles of every flavor and size. We should exercise patience when we come upon the landscaping truck that appears to have blocked the road just for us, or the dump truck that’s hauling sand to a new neighbor’s house site. We need and rely on these service providers and we all have the pleasure of each other’s company on the roads.
Bears; South Santa Rosa County has the highest bear-human interactions of any place in all of Florida. That makes us very special, especially in the eyes of the bears who might contend they were here first. But seriously, bear-human contact is not a good thing so we have our Bear Wise garbage can ‘hardening’ program to help keep bears out of our trash. If you haven’t heard about it give us a call we’ll give you all the info.
Fires; When we’re considering burning yard waste in our backyard, we should be cautious of how we go about it. The burn pile should be as far from our house or other structures as we can make it. We should burn only vegetation, no trash, no hazardous materials. The HOA has provided specific guidance for how to safely burn so ask the front office or the Fire Dept. for guidance.
That’s it for now. Thanks for your community energy and your community concern. Your BOD exists for the purpose of keeping our community a safe and enjoyable place to live.