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President’s Corner

Bob Hutchison – HBTS BOD President

Over the past few months we have encountered residents who have indicated they received permission for various actions from employees who were not authorized to grant or approve such requests. Most, if not all, of the requested actions should have been approved by the BOD, GM or ACC. As a result, employees have been instructed to have residents request their action in writing or email. This may be a slight inconvenience; however, this process will limit the number of disagreements and possible liability our Association might encounter.

Everyone should be aware by now that a major change takes place on 1 Jan 2018: the ability of the Association to fine residents who fail to cure violations. As mentioned in last month’s news, there will be a question and answer opportunity during our 12 Dec meeting. For those that won’t be able to attend, rest assure that there is a process in place that starts with a courtesy notification and incorporates a compliance committee review for suspension of usage rights and fines. It would be of considerable less work to see all violations cured during the courtesy notification phase, but that is not always the case. I would encourage everyone to review our governing documents, available online or at the front deck, to review restrictions, i.e.,

Declaration Art VII, Sec 10; no visible commercial sign, advertising or commercial equipment,
Declaration Art VII, Sec 11; garbage containers must be concealed from public view, and
Numerous policies regarding fences, parking, exterior home improvements, etc.

My apologies for this reminder, but we have numerous residents that seem to miss the notification. The 2018 assessments of $425 are due and payable on 1 Jan 2018. In addition, the assessment is NOT paid from escrow! If you have a new neighbor, please let them know, thank you.

The Florida Wildlife Commission has selected HBTS to participate in the Bear Wise program. Our VP-North, Tom Beckman, worked hard to garner this opportunity on behalf of our residents so that the interaction between man and beast would be minimized. Tom’s second motive is that Santa Rosa County law requires all residents to take the steps necessary to mitigate bears getting into trash cans. Implementation details how we will accomplish this task are forthcoming.

Lastly, on behalf of the Board and staff, I would like to wish everyone a festive holiday season.

If you have any questions or concerns, I can be reached at