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President’s Corner

Bob Hutchison – HBTS BOD President

For the members who missed it, Holley by the Sea Association held its annual member meeting on 15 July. Yvonne, Rod and Kevin were each praised for their service and a “job well done.” We welcomed our three new members (Ron, Tim and Tom), who, along with Steve and myself, look forward to building on the successes of the previous HBTS Board.

I suspect everyone has noticed we are getting more rain than usual, and that we are also seeing more flooding than usual. We will continue to engage our elected officials to elevate the priority of and funding for storm water management projects. In addition, we will continue to coordinate and work with local, state and federal government agencies on environmental compliance and builder accountability, where compliance and accountability intersect storm water management. To aid our efforts, I respectfully request that residents attend County Commissioners’ meetings or email concerns to the fully board of commissioners – not just to our district commissioner. We are offering to provide transportation from our recreation center to the Tiger Point Rec Center on 10 August, and to Milton on 24 August, for anyone wishing to join us at a Santa Rosa Board of County Commission meetings. Contact our General Manager at or 850.939.1693 ext. 1 for more details. If you are unable to attend the county commission meetings, you can email your concerns or questions to

I neglected to mention that with the rain we are also seeing more thunderstorms. If you have lived in Florida for any length of time, especially during the summer, you will have noticed we get our fair share. It is also during these threatening weather events that we exercise caution, if not err on the side of caution; the safety of our residents, their guests and our staff are priority number one. As such, our staff monitors inbound storms, and when necessary will make the decision to cancel outdoor activities or close the facility, especially the pools. We do our best to notify residents of pending closures with the systems we have in place. I’m certain that occasionally individuals are inconvenienced, but I’d rather contend with an inconvenience than the alternative.

Speaking of harsh weather, I recently noticed an older gentleman with a walker making his way, in the rain, to the front door. One of the projects the HBTS Board will be finalizing is an upgrade to the facility that will add a covered portico and walkway into the building close to where the current pool exit turnstile is located. In addition, the project will update ADA, electrical and safety code standards as well as include some postponed maintenance and repair items.

If you have any questions or concerns, I can be reached at



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