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President’s Corner

Bob Hutchison – HBTS BOD President

HBTS 2018 Assessment Amount Remains the Same

The BOD met on Tuesday, Sept. 19, to review the 2018 budget with residents: only two (2) attended. The BOD met again on Thursday, Sept. 21, and passed the budget that allowed the 2018 annual assessment to remain at $425, which is due on or before January 1, 2018.
Assessment notices will be mailed out this month to the address on file with the accounting department. If or when mail is returned as undeliverable, the staff will utilize the address listed on the Santa Rosa County Tax Assessor’s website as an alternative source. Try as we might, some property owners will not receive their notice due to incorrect addresses. Unfortunately, this does not negate the fact that every property owner is required to pay the annual assessment, and it is the property owners’ responsibility to ensure contact information is correct. As per our governing documents, accounts past due 30 days will be referred to collection: turning a $425 assessment into a $1,600 bill within a just a few months’ time.
Annual assessments are NOT paid from escrow accounts!

We have received many compliments as well as complaints regarding the Coral Street entrance; regrettably, the poor contractor has taken the brunt of the complaints. I believe many are unaware that the Coral Street and Sunrise Drive entrance islands are County property. Likewise, I suspect many do not know that behind the brick wall, at the Coral Street entrance, Holley Navarre Water System and Gulf Power both have equipment. The County allows HBTS to beautify and maintain those entrances, within reason; and our refacing efforts at the Coral Street entrance was approved by the County, FDOT, Holley Navarre Water System and Gulf Power. One complaint received is how the wall and utility equipment block the view of the intersection; therefore, causing a safety hazard. Several residents have contacted our District County Commissioner, County and State Road Departments as well as County and State law enforcement agencies. Unfortunately, each representative contacted merely finger pointed, blamed the Association and did not address residents’ safety concerns regarding the intersection. The stated reason for pointing fingers at HBTS, as the responsible party, is because our logo in on the wall: sadly, this response is false for the reason stated above. Because of the aforementioned individuals’ failure to take any responsibility and blame the Association, I will be contacting our District County Commissioner, Holley Navarre Water System and Gulf Power to determine what it would cost to purchase the 0.847acre lot on the corner of Coral and U.S. Hwy 98 in order to relocate the utility equipment, demolish the wall, and in-general enhance the safety of the intersection. Obviously, the subject of costs will arise and how HBTS residents will contribute to the project. However, that’s a subject and discussion for the future.

If you have any questions or concerns, I can be reached at

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