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President’s Corner

Bob Hutchison – HBTS BOD President

As this will quite possibly be my last column, I want to thank each BOD member for their support and friendship. In addition, I’d like to thank our GM, April, and her staff for all the great assistance they have provided over the past year. Lastly, I’d like to thank past BOD members and residents who provided mentorship and encouragement.
My two years serving on the BOD has been a real eye-opener on the intricacies of how such an organization works or doesn’t. Everything from dealing with our antiquated and conflicting governing documents to discovering we cannot amend them to comply with Federal, State and local laws. I’m surprised at the number of residents who would like to see the assessments raised for enhanced amenities and the number who would prefer lower property values to help reduce taxes. Our neighborhood is also an amazing microcosm of residents: financially, educationally, culturally, etc., who provide an endless supply of recommendations. Suggestions like how to manage storm water and implement traffic calming measures; where to add sidewalks, bike lanes and parks; as well as additional amenities like a bigger gym, kayak and boat ramps, entrance way landscaping, pickleball courts, garden plots and artificial osprey nests just to name a few. The later requires our (residents, not just the BOD) continuous dialogue with County Commissioners, and the former is an amalgamation of prioritizing and budgeting as well as obtaining the requisite permits.
I would suggest that for those who wish to make positive changes – to come out and vote for the prospective BOD member (thanks to those who raised their hand) of your choice, encourage them and support them…better yet volunteer for a committee. Attend the budget meetings that start in September and let your respectful voices be heard. Vote for the County Commissioner of your choice, attend BOCC meetings or follow them on a podcast, volunteer for a County committee, and follow the actions that affect not only our community but the south end of the county.
We are moving into the hurricane season along with the building addition. In both cases, expect congestion and possible closings…these are necessary safety precautions for our residents, guests and employees.
The ACC is looking for those willing to help assist our less fortunate neighbors. I have volunteered and stand ready with my time, lawnmower and hedge trimmer. Do you have the time to help a neighbor in need?
I hope everyone has an enjoyable and safe summer.
Thank you for allowing me the opportunity so serve on the BOD.
Bob Hutchison