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From the General Manager

April Salazar

April Salazar – General Manager


The Accessibility Project is in the final stages and will be seeing construction in 2019. We have a tentative timeline below. Please know that we will have obstacles to overcome during construction which may cause a re-route to your regular areas in the facility. Please follow all signs for your safety.
Background: The Accessibility project started in late 2015. The Conceptual design focused on Accessibility for our members to include certain ADA modifications. The HOA does not currently fall under ADA regulations nor will making ADA accommodations require us to become fully compliant with ADA. We are a private facility under Chapter 720 for Homeowners Associations, making reasonable accommodations for our members is allowed.
The major changes will be how you enter the building from the parking lot and the check in area. The plan includes a handicap accessibility restroom in the entry area for those that cannot utilize the current locker room restrooms. Some of the Member Service offices will also be moved for ease of members.
We are excited to see this improvement come to life and look forward to the benefit it will bring to our members.
Construction Projected Start Date: March 1st 2019
Construction Projected Duration 6 months
As will all construction, weather and other unforeseeable obstacles may prolong the construction progress.