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From the General Manager

April Salazar

April Salazar – General Manager

1. Sunrise entrance brickwork complete, lettering is going up this week pending weather, plants and flowerbeds will be cleaned up and receive new plants
2. Fountain project at entry doors complete, we were able to ensure the fountain base was reinforced and then added new flowers
3. We currently have 94 campers enrolled in Summer Camp, trending well for this year
4. All staff is going through the CPR certification course this week (at no cost)
5. Last touches to the steam room have been completed and have shown to be successful in eliminating unnecessary water in the hallway
6. There will be painting in areas not impacted by phase 1 construction
7. We are updating property signs to reflect new policies and FHA requirements
8. We have ordered 4 tables for the BH rentals / we have ordered 5 tables for campground & pavilion areas
9. Our mail out is complete – members can send ballot in to CPA, drop here or bring to the meeting
10. The “Meet & Greet” was successful, with a fair number in attendance
11. We have a variance on the July BOCC agenda for the fencing around the basketball court
12. We have already began to receive the consent notices should the Resolution pass for electronic voting
13. Gulf Power will be contracting to cut down several trees and easement areas to clear for power lines. The work will focus on Sunrise to Manatee initially
14. July 1st the requirement for membership meetings will be affected – we will have to use the property appraiser website