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From the General Manager

April Salazar

April Salazar – General Manager

1. John Bordelon / Gulf Power Easement offer – we were offered a payment for the first 15 feet of easement for seven lots. After review two of the lots are owned by other people and 5 are owned by Bellie Williams with HBTS as trustee. John is in talks with Gulf Power and Williams to ensure that any conservation easements are not violated.
2. HCE/399 entrance will receive additional lights on the posts for better visibility. The re-mulching should be complete by the end of this week
3. We have completed 2 preliminary budget meetings with the GM staff and Accountant, we had every department do an assessment of needs and submit to us for consideration. The next steps will be to conduct a final with accountant and then have prelim budget meetings with the board president and treasurer, after this the prelim budget will be submitted to the membership for comment/input and the budget workshops will be held for preparation to final budget approval
We have reached out to multiple vendors for proposals to have data to review for the budget presentation
4. We have completed the “Meet & Greet” of staff for the BOD and our property walk is scheduled for August 22nd
5. We will be conducting our Staff Safety meeting this week to cover emergency processes
6. All staff evaluations will be complete this week
7. Summer Camp is complete and was a huge success – we had an increase in campers this year over 100 children
8. Acclamation of new board members is still underway